Am Schloß Broich 38, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Day 2 | 30. November 2019 | Ringlokschuppen | 18€/reduced 9€
2-Day-Festivalpass | 29. & 30. November 2019 | 22€/reduced 15€

For more than 50 years the artist, musician and composer Bob Rutman has been touring the underground with his enormous Steel Cello. He collaborated with Peter Sellars, Philip Lamanita, Wim Wenders, Neubauten and many more. However, more impressive than his vita is his spherical, roaring but minimal sound. www.rutman.de

For many years the composer, musician and tinkerer Laurent Bigot has been working on sound objects in which music and scenography coexist and disturb or affect each other directly. For his air driven project D’UN AIR INSTABLE Glass- and plastic bottles, pipes and tins are used as instruments.    www.oisiveraie.com

Still they exist, unknown pathways in the territory of so-called Krautrock. Transport dedicate themselves to the exploration of those pathways. As a trio, Edis Ludwig, Nils Herzogenrath and Niklas Wandt create a monster of improvisation, emitting hypnotic beats and psychedelic electronica. www.anaott.bandcamp.com

Spemakh is a group of freely improvising artists, musician and noisemakers. The musical play of the group develops from total surprise via communal attentive listening. The six members are using self-made wind instruments, cymbals and percussion, double bass, guitar, viola, found objects, miniature electronics as well as voices.  www.spemakh.blogspot.com

In the audio-visual performance “Liquid Pulse”, Nan Wang and his colleague Matthias Hurtl examine macroscopic pictures and movement of dust and liquid utilizing DIY analogue projectors. www.nanwang.org

In her voice improvisations Elias Kühnl is whispering, singing and screaming. She investigates the specific in the common and the unfamiliar in the familiar. Her wordless fragments are of an intimate and beautiful urgency.

In his piece “GIF Frenzy” the musician, composer and media-artist Ressi connects music and moving images. He refers to the practice of illustrating emotional conditions via moving, pop cultural quotations in social media.www.christofressi.com

Verena Kuni (Dr. phil., M.A.) is scholar in ara studies and professor for visual culture at Goethe University Frankfurt (Main). In her chit box talk about Shiny Optosonical Philosophical Toys, she will fittingly present the question of how Philosophical Toys look and are used today. www.kuni.org/v

Gefördert durch das Ministerium Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen und den Kulturbetrieb Mülheim an der Ruhr.